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Enjoy the freshness of Spirulina and all the benefits of its living nutrients with the first full automated device to grow the algae at home.

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Amazing Spirulina Features

Designed by nature, Spirulina can help restoring planetary health

"Spirulina is the Most Ideal Food for Mankind"

United Nations Recommendation

"Just a few grams can lead to spectacular improvements in the nutritional state"

Antenna Foundation

"Has favorable antioxidant capacity in healthy, elderly male and female subjects"

Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism

Why should we eat Spirulina?

More powerfull than any herb, plant or grain on the earth, Spirulina is a whole food
rich of minerals, vitamins and proteins

What makes Spirulina so special?

Spirulina is the best vegetable protein source, higher and better usable than any other natural food.

Spirulina, help us to live better

Spirulina is the most highly consumed microalgae due to its high protein content and added nutritional benefits, including anti-hypertension, renal protective, anti-hyperlipidaemia, and anti-hyperglycaemic. As well as being a rich source of proteins, Spirulina contains high levels of hypocholesterolemic γ-linoleic acid (GLA), B-vitamins, and free-radical scavenging phycobiliproteins .

It has therefore been given the label of a ‘super food’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has even been sent to space by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) due to its nutrient-dense properties:

Why should I buy fresh Spirulina?

Growing fresh algae is the safest way to have the best quality product with all living nutrients at full power.

No certainty about Quality

No traceability

Loss of vitamins after drying

Bad Smell or taste 

 Heavy metals contamination

100% Fresh and Pure Product

No Contaminants

100% Vitamins Integrity

100% Antioxidant Activity

100% Heavy metals free

Pleasant Tasting

Discover  Spirugrow™

The first Fully Automatic Home Appliance to Grow Spirulina

Spirugrow™ Features

Growing Algae at home has never been so easy and time saving.
The key to human fulfillment lies in its autonomy. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
show him how to catch a fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Full automated

Spirugrow provides light, CO2 and nutrients, which contribute towards the building up of right environment for the growing algae. Thus eliminating the need  to be an expert or have the green thumb.

User Friendly

Spirugrow is very easy to handle and low-mainteneance. Simply pull out the glass tank and wash it. Replace the salts and CO2 bottles as per need and that’s it. We care for your time.


Spirulina is often grown and collected in open lakes and ponds. This could lead to development of dangerous toxins. An artificial environment and the right regular maintenance, reduces this issue to zero.

University Support

Spirugrow has been designed under the technical advisory of Mario Tredici, Full Professor of Microbial Biotechnology at the University of Florence who has been awarded the “Distinguished Applied Phycologist Award”.

Italian Engineering

Spirugrow is the output of two years of hard work and investments employing the use of top-notch technology and patent pending methods.

Cost Control

1 kg of fresh Spirulina could range from 150$ to 250$ and only requires specific storage. The shelf life of Spirulina is 24 hours. Spirugrow provides you with the convenience of daily fresh Spirulina collection, in the right dosage, for a lifetime, thus, saving a lot of bucks

We are contacting the main international shipping services in order to make the worldwide delivery of Spirugrow easy and safe. To stay up-to-date on the news of our services, please subscribe to the list of our supporters.

At the moment, we have completed the first fully functional prototype and we are presenting it at the CesTech in Las Vegas. We plan to send it to production for early August and have it available as early as December 2018.

Spirugrow measures 17 inches in width and height and has a depth of 14 inches. It weighs 494 oz (empty).

Spirugrow produces about 20 grams of fresh Spirulina per day. The daily recommended dose is 5 gms (1 teaspoon) per person.

At the time of purchase you will receive the Spirugrow appliance along with the Spirulina strain and everything you need to start the cultivation. Later on, you can buy nutrients and CO2 at our website or at one of our network distributors.

The company

Bentur Srl is an italian start-up company born from a number of young entrepreneurs who firmly believe in spirulina and its potential as the superfood of the future.

Bentur Srl has developed a new product named Spirugrow, the first home-device that grows spirulina to consume fresh.

“Spirugrow is the result of a successful partnership between Bentur Srl and Fotosintetica & Microbiologica , an university spin-off based in Florence and led by Prof. Mario Tredici”, says Bentur’s CEO Luca Turrin.

Spirulina is a well-known superfood with many health benefits, high in proteins and packed with all the essential amino acids, spirulina increases energy levels and prevents heart related diseases. Today Spirulina alga is in the form of flakes, capsules or tablets, since its shelf life is 24 h after extraction from the water, fresh spirulina has a higher content of Antioxidants and guarantees higher nutritional values than the product dried.

Spirugrow is a household appliance designed for the automated production of spirulina, in this way the fresh microalgae becomes available by simply pressing a button! This is a very easy machine to use and maintain, it supplies light, CO2 and all the necessary nutrients to create the perfect growing environment.

The Team Behind Spirugrow™

Spirugrow success is entirely due to the efficient support of our engineers, researchers and marketing men at Bentur startup.
Nothing would be possible without their focused will.

Alessandra Spadotto

Marketing Developer
Alessandra Spadotto

Luca Turrin

Ceo and Founder
Luca Turrin

Mirco Dalla Bona

Mirco Dalla Bona

Marco Pasut

Mechanical Engineer
Marco Pasut

Robert Florian

Project Leader
Robert Florian

Filippo Gigliotti

Filippo Gigliotti

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